Kick off the Holiday Season by supporting Stockings With Care!

Make a Difference to Families in Need

When parents cannot provide Christmas gifts for their children, Stockings with Care steps in to help, so no child is left out. Imagine growing up thinking Christmas was for everybody but you. Imagine what it’s like to be a kid who for some reason, isn’t on Santa’s list. Now, just imagine what a huge impact you can make in the life of a child and their parents by being their secret Santa. The parents give the gifts you provide to the child, preserving their dignity and connection, while ensuring the gifts received are the very ones the child wished for.

Our 501c(3) not-for-profit organization is powered by volunteers who are dedicated to supporting our local families. We collaborate with New York City homeless shelters and assistance programs to identify families that could use a helping hand. Thanks to the charity of people like you, Stockings with Care empowers children, honors individuality, and preserves the dignity of parents. Since 1992, we have benefited over 40,000 children!

On every front, Stockings with Care is giving all those involved with this mission a deep purpose and satisfaction. Our generous sponsors provide vital support and resources so we can continue to offer hope for the less privileged. For 25 years we have partnered with the best social service agencies in New York City and forged a bond in our commitment to helping the homeless. Our dedicated volunteers, are not only making Christmas magic for less fortunate children – they are nurturing our community at large.

There are 6 Ways individuals and corporate partners can join us in our mission. Find out how you can get involved.



1. Santa Sponsorship

Santas are given a child’s wish list, and they buy the gifts for that child. Santas are responsible for three gifts for each child they sponsor. When you get your special wish list from a child, you go out and find and purchase those items, wrap the gift and get them to us in time so we can deliver them to the parents of that child. This is a very hands-on way to show you care and the one with the most responsibility. Go to our Santa sign-up form on our Be a Santa page and we’ll be in touch to match you with a family.

2. Individual Donation

Every year we have kids who are not matched with a Santa, and we want to make sure they get their gifts as well. Every donation means a great deal, no matter how small. We have a safe and easy online donation form. For individuals and corporations looking for a tax deduction, and you can download a receipt for your tax records right away.

3. Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsors can make the biggest impact in the number of children we can help. We have incredibly generous sponsors who understand the meaning of our work and we are looking to connect with more businesses that care about their customers and neighbors.

4. Elf Helpers

Our volunteer elves fill in a number of operational and administrative roles. They process wish lists to Santas, they wrap gifts, they run to the store to get more tape. We always need elf helpers for fundraising and communications too, so if you are a professional graphic artist, photographer, event planner or fundraiser, please reach out to see if we can use your help by way of our contact page.

5. Spread the Word

Whether you have 15 minutes to spare or want to devote a lifetime to Stockings with Care, sending our message to all corners of the web and on the streets sustains our Christmas mission and can even help it grow. Go to our Spread the Word page for lots of ideas on how you can share our message. You can also put up our flyer at work or in your building. Here is a Stockings with Care Flier you can print out right from home. 

6. Give While You Shop

You can help Stockings with Care while you do your own shopping. When you sign up for the Amazon Smile Program before you do your own shopping at, a percentage of Amazon’s sale is automatically put aside for Stockings with Care. This is an effortless way to make your money go further. Find out how to sign up on our Give While You Shop page.

Janine Lee Papio